Mitsubishi Carbide is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of cutting tools. The company is the provider of Innovative materials and solutions for the metalworking industry. Mitsubishi’s special made to order services is available for general tooling in addition to aerospace and automotive industry.

Mitsubishi Carbide is the answers for all your turning, milling, threading, drilling and grooving applications

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MAPAL is today the major specialist worldwide for individual machining solutions with highest precision and cost-effectiveness. The company is focused on the complete bore machining and on demanding milling and turning operations using PCD and CBN tools.


Parker offers O-rings and Rubber O-rings which are the most commonly used type of seal throughout the world and Parker is the world leader in producing this product breadth. Parker focuses on materials science, not merely the manufacture of rubber parts. As such, Parker offers the most complete and exhaustive line of rubber materials in the industry. Parker offers more than 300 standard materials in all.